Sunday, 13 December 2009

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian, Chapter 3

Amnesian Chapter 3 is here.

Ahh, far you've come from the bashful girl we once knew. That outfit, really? I can only wonder how Himeko might have reacted in better circumstances.

Also, two new characters appear, one of which conducts the latest in what some would claim to be a series of escalating attempts by Kaishaku to troll their yuri fanbase.

Not I, though it's an odd feeling. If I had been simply reading this, I might have been as enraeged as anyone, but having actually worked on it myself has rendered me curiously stoic. In any case, Chikane's chicanery (Chikanery!) is more than up to the task. Just keep repeating to yourself, "The only reason he's not dead is because Himeko said so!" and you should be fine. Just, uh, try not to notice where his right hand was just before offering a conciliatory shake on page 39...

Tons of new jargon this time, a fair amount of which we probably got wrong. I never truly appreciated the vagueness of the Japanese language until I started trying to turn it into English, and Kaishaku's love for non sequiturs doesn't help. Regarding the "Falcon's Eye", it was impossible to tell if Sanada was referring to herself, or a seperate person/organization/etc. She seemed to be using it in the sense of another entity, so we treated it as such.

As to Sanada's special technique, the "Kouketsu Cloth", Zefiris' research says Kouketsu is "A brocade bag containing various kinds of medicines and perfumes, tied with iris or wormwood, with five long strings of different colours hanging from it. May also refer to the cloth-dyeing technique with which these strings were colored, similar to Shibori." Look to Kaishaku for all your lessons in Japanese textiles.

Please enjoy.

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Friday, 4 December 2009

Choir Chapter 9

And here we go with Choir, Chapter 9.

Again, it's halloween, and various costumed trick-or-treaty hijinks happen. Surprisingly, Mayuko is all fired up - how come?

Well, be prepared for a "Mayuko-repulsing dirty story" as well as the usual, chest-related stuff.
Or maybe no, not really.

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