Tuesday, 19 October 2010


We've been quiet for a while, and many of you have been wondering as to the situation.

In a word, Zefiris will be unable to devote time to this project until after the end of this year.

I apologize, both for this hiatus and for the delay in announcing it. I won't conceal that it's been a matter of contention between Zefiris and myself. (Though I must add that "contention" is essentially the normal state of our friendship, and has been for its many years.)

However, one fact not in contention is that as both translator and primary editor, this project has always been 85% Zefiris' efforts, so both you and I will simply have to await her pleasure.

Until that time, and our next release, happy holidays.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Choir, 19, 20, & 21

Time for more Choir. We apologize for the wait.

As it turns out, the cast of Choir hail from very diverse regional backgrounds, as we learn in great detail in chapter 20...

Also of note, Chapter 21 involves mahjong, which has become almost the official tabletop game of yuri, thanks to a certain other well-known series. I'm grateful to my friend Claire for having pushed me into learning to play. In addition to being enjoyable in its own right, knowing the game greatly simplified the translation of this chapter.

Although we did our best to provide helpful explanatory notes, we offer our apologies if non-players still find themselves confused; the chapter assumes at least a basic knowledge of the game.

As to the aforementioned yuri, it increases dramatically within the next seven chapters, so please look forward to it. We'll be doing our best to bring them to you soon.

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Oniyuri-san and Himeyuri-san

Here you go. Release done after a long time of waiting~ Enjoy.



By the way, if you are fluent enough in japanese, feel free to drop the artist a comment here.

I am sure they will appreciate getting comments <3

Monday, 24 May 2010

Upcoming project: Oniyuri-san and Himeyuri-san

We are pleased to announce an uncoming new project: Oniyuri-san and Himeyuri-san, a webmanga described as a "high-tension yuri x yuri love comedy".

On campus, student council secretary Oniyuri Itsuki and student council president Himeyuri Shizuku are popular total opposites. While their respective fans are divided into factions, their actual relationship is....!!

At the moment there is just one chapter, and we don't actually know if this is just a one-shot or if it will be continued - it is titled as oneshot, but who knows. Obviously we hope the latter, but in any case, please look forward to it.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


We're putting Amnesian on indefinite hold. This is not because it isn't yuri - it will be, we all know this. The newest chapter even has some rather suggestive sexually themed scenes. No: It's just that this is not the kind of manga I like, which is getting more and more apparent. I just dislike it.

I liked chapter 1, and I wanted to like this manga. We, Cryssoberyl and I, managed it through the horrible second chapter, past the annoying third, and even beyond the seventh. But it's enough. We're throwing the towel. I hope someone better than us picks it up - someone who really likes the Manga, can get it done quicker, with better editing, and better translations (that's the other issue I had with it: Kaishaku is so...vague! Translating obscure otaku references is far easier than Kaishaku).

We'll be better off focusing on Choir or something like that.

I'd like to apologize to those waiting for the manga (all five of you!) and to Audio Erotica specifically, who was so kind to take over scanning for us. Especially she deserves the apology, for she scanned the last chapter, which we were not even able to finish. I am sorry for this.

Maybe you'll appreciate the other things we will do. Maybe not. Either way, Amnesian is on hold, so don't expect any future chapter from us.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Choir, Chapters 15, 16, 17, and 18

We are pleased to bring you chapters 15-18 of Choir.

One thing I enjoy about Choir, and that (to me) sets it apart from being just another "moe" manga, is that the characters are all extremely genre-savvy. They may not know they're manga characters, but they are certainly aware of the clich├ęs that come with living in one.

Chapter 16 is a positive example of this: several of the old negative stereotypes about yuri relationships are directly pointed out, just so that they can be dismissed - both by words directly after, and by action and emotion in many subsequent chapters.

However, Mayuko and Shousei aren't the only ones for whom feelings are strengthening. A new pairing is beginning to emerge as well, though stormy weather is visible in the distance...

We hope you will enjoy.

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Friday, 16 April 2010

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian Chapter 7

Here we are again, with another Chapter of Amnesian.

There is no particular need for translation notes this time - except the box on the 'title' page, which is really not about anything anyone will care about. Unless you can fly to Japan and plan to poke Kaishaku :P

As for the contents, you probably know what to expect by now. School hijinks, Chikane trying to be seductive, and random trouble, this time resembling Ranma tropes quite a bit. Kaishaku really seem to like old mangas.

Regardless, I hope you can enjoy it. I actually did, in parts, which makes a nice change. It's pretty good this time, actually. ^_^

Oh, and thanks again to Audio Erotica for providing the scans so nicely.

Get it here:

Monday, 5 April 2010

Choir, Chapters 12, 13, and 14

It is our tremendous pleasure to bring you a triple-chapter release of Choir. Of note, the mysterious Gasuko is finally unmasked in Chapter 13, which leads to a rather drastic rebirth of the character as we knew her...

However, Chapter 14 is what we, and no doubt you yourself, are really here for. Please enjoy, and keep in mind that this is still only the beginning for Shousei and Mayuko. There are many more yuri-laden chapters to come.

Do please let us know if you enjoyed this release. As ever, your appreciation is our greatest reward.

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Monday, 29 March 2010

Choir, Chapter 11

At long last, here is more Choir.

We apologize for the wait. We've been neglecting it for some time and have been derelict to do so, because this little manga goes great places in the chapters ahead.

We aren't quite there yet - in fact, there is very little yuri this time - but please enjoy it nevertheless. Comments are, as always, most appreciated.

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Friday, 26 March 2010

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian Chapter 6

Well, it has been a while since the last release. We were, alas, somewhat busy. And swamped. And ill.

Still, here you have it, the sixth Chapter of Amnesian. Thanks to Audio Erotica, who provided the scans this time <3
By now you can probably guess the contents. Some plot, some yuri, and the usual annoying Kaishaku trolling, this time involving some scenes we all remember from Kannazuki no Miko's earier episodes.

A small translation note: The "Satori" bits are completely unclear to me. A Satori is a kind of mythological creature if written that way (they're uncommon but sometimes appear in games and manga, and usually have three eyes). I put it as refering to the item in question. Could also be about consulting a Satori about it. I wouldn't know, and I certainly can only guess. Chances are it's probably they're really going to consult a "Satori" that, naturally, hasn't been shown or mentioned so far. It's Kaishaku's writing, after all. Sometimes, even guessing won't do :D
[At times like this, I wish I was doing Yuri Hime mangas. Those are at least clear and don't throw around stuff like this all the damn time!]

And yeah, they really made a reference to Indian astrology there. And to jewish kabbalah.

Either way, have fun!


Monday, 22 February 2010

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian, Chapter 5

Time again for Amnesian, but before turning to chapter 5, we need to bring your attention to some errors that we apparently made in chapter 4 involving Shizuku's dialogue.

At the time, we took those incredibly vague statements in the most logical way we could, but in light of chapter 5, it seems our interpretations were mistaken, or at least overly specific.

So, this chapter 5 release also includes two updated pages (27-28 and 29) of chapter 4. The release files of chapter 4 will also be updated with these new pages soon. Please replace the old pages. We hope that these are more true to what was actually meant, although as always, trying to read Kaishaku's conjoined minds is a matter of dead reckoning...in other words, please blame them and not us. :P

So, chapter 5. The mystery of Shizuku is in one sense solved, although only one...it'll be interesting to see what role this character plays in the story further on.

Finally, we are trying a new, lower impact approach with regard to sound-effects. This new method, which is something of a compromise, will save us work, preserve more of the original artwork, and will hopefully allow us to bring you chapters more quickly.

That's about it. As always, we hope you will enjoy. Comments are greatly appreciated.

Download Links: MediaFire MegaUpload

Friday, 5 February 2010


Long time no see. Thanks to a kind anon, the raw problem was cleared up, and here's a new chapter.

It is somewhat lacking in yuri, as will the next few chapters, but it makes up for that by...uh...weirdness.


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Thursday, 28 January 2010


If you're wondering where the releases are:
I actually managed to bust my HDD somehow, and lost the internet raws, among other things. Have been trying to find them again after setting up my system again, but without much success.

I apologize.

We'll probably manage to buy (and then scan) the volumes once we manage to scrape the money together if I don't find the raws until then, so please have patience until then.

Thank you.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian, Chapter 4

And here we are again, with Amnesian Chapter 4 for your reading pleasure. It undoubtedly marks a huge improvement over chapter 3, that's for sure.

We have several new characters, including friends of Himeko, as well as various villains.

There's even a shocking revelation that actually seems to be quite a bit confusing for at least one character. Yeah, the translation really doesn't seem to be able to go another way. Make of it what you will, it interested me quite a bit - just like the dream image Himeko has of herself...take a careful look there~

Translation notes, there's some. First, the color page has an untranslated part in the upper right, cause, you know, I can't be bothered to put in the effort to edit "And it has a color page OMG" onto the COLOR PAGE. Just redundant.

Second, on page 8, there's the name of the secret underwater hideout of our villains, Ruruie. We didn't bother to translate it, due to space reasons. Ruruie means, kanji-wise, something roughly like splendor of the dragons, with ie also sounding like home, so there's an implication of "Glorious home of the Dragons". Similar dragon kanji than the one in "Dragon's Cry", those sanctuaries the villains are trying to destroy. A connection? We don't know, but since it's Kaishaku, it might very well be, hence the note.

Finally, those of you who disliked the "Black/White" levels in Chapter 1 and 2, do you like it better this way? It'd be nice to know if the editing is finally done properly, in your eyes!

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