Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Battle Athletes Daiundoukai: Land Stage, Heat 1

At last we're underway. Would've come sooner, but real world troubles, as always. Anyway, I'm already really enjoying working on this. As some of our readers may know, we've done a lot more four-panel stuff than "regular" manga. That wasn't by design, it just sort of happened, and I have to say that it's wonderful to work on something with an actual plot and direction, instead of the typical random fritterings of Yonkoma.

The manga is divided into the "Land Stage" and "Satellite Stage". There are five chapters, or "heats", in the Land Stage comprising the first volume, and seventeen in the Satellite Stage, taking up the second through the fourth volumes. Here then is the first "heat", where Akari takes her first steps and makes some new friends.

As far as translation notes, here's a few things to know:

1. Ichino has a strong Osaka dialect. As innumerable bad localization attempts show, there's no good way of reflecting this in English. We've tried to give her dialogue the same casual, informal quality while moseyin' clear o' tha gol-durn nonsense some o' y'all might know 'bout.

2. Ling-Pha ends all of her phrases with "-aru", which in Japanese is a stereotypical way of denoting a Chinese accent or speech style.

3. Tanya's dialogue is both childish and rough. Short, simple phrases with a lot of "omae"s, "yatsu"s, and "zo" sentence enders.

Oh, and for those wondering about the raws, we've decided to release each of the four volumes as we complete them.

Enjoy, and remember - annoying as he may be, the coach is not a romantic threat. :P

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?2oo7h9x65rug7hg