Saturday, 4 August 2012

Battle Athletes Daiundoukai: Land Stage, Heat 2

I really love the Olympics. Have since I was little. Female athletics is something I've always considered to be a very positive and empowering thing. I love to see those strong, skilled women striving and competing together.

This is also the reason I love sports anime and manga, and Battle Athletes is a very special example of that genre for me. In short, there couldn't be a better, more appropriate time to release more of it than right now.

This chapter introduces the glorious Jessie, who will be an important character all the way through, I'm happy to say - and wow, just look at the way Akari reacts to her. Even if you left out everything that happens later in the manga, this would've been enough to convince me that Akari is a lesbian. (Not that it's ever very difficult to convince me of that.)

It's such a blessing to be able to work on this. I'm enjoying it so much, and I hope you will too.