Friday, 28 December 2012

Battle Athletes Daiundoukai: Land Stage, Heat 3

Reactivation! It's a favorite word of mine.

Happy belated holidays, and upcoming new year. Our resolution is of course to put out more BA more quickly. I was hoping to be able to put out a chapter a month when we started this, but things just haven't worked out so far. Things have been stabilizing in some ways, though, so hopefully...

Anyway, this chapter introduces Ayla, who was actually a quite different character in the TV series, both in design and personality. Also...maybe my memory's just hazy, but I don't remember Ling-Pha being quite so...uh, yeah...guess it's time for another rewatch.

It's been great to be back at work on this again. We hope you will enjoy!

Download: MediaFire