Friday, 15 April 2011

Page 6 of Chapter 22 Missing

Somehow page 6 of chapter 22 got left out of the release. (I guess nobody understood the significance of Kakin Ondo without this...most unfortunate. You may now be enlightened.)

Here is the missing page. The batch download links in the original post below have also been updated. Thanks to an anonymous commenter for the tip-off.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Choir 22, 23, 24, & 25 - The "Love Love Ski Trip" Arc

Here it is, finally. So sorry about the long long wait. As its name implies, this arc is concerned with skiing and yuri romance, not at all in that order. We hope you will enjoy.

A few notes:

On page 3 of chapter 22, "Our Little Con Artist", Mawata is making a strange joke that we couldn't quite figure out. Whether this is supposed to be referencing some obscure character, or is simply a typically Japanese dig at the "sneaky Chinese" stereotype, we just don't know.

Also, for reasons which will become obvious, Kakin Ondo is now the official theme song of Choir.

Anyway, we hope to do better from now on. Chapters 26-28 could be called the "Mayuko/Shousei Home Visit" arc, and are every bit as rewarding as that description makes them sound. In fact, those three chapters are the main reason we even began doing Choir. The rough scripts are already done, so expect them before too long. Thanks again for your patience.

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