Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Choir, Chapter 8

Time for more Choir! It's summertime for the girls, and that means sleepovers and festivals. But, when doujin work ties up Mawata and Kyouko, will Mayuko and Shousei spend some intimate time alone together?!?!?!??!???!!?!

I'm pleased at how steadily the level of yuri is increasing. Much more is on the way, I assure you! I hope you all enjoy it as well.

Read it on dynasty.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Amnesian Chapter 2

And here we are, with chapter 2 of Amnesian.
A lot of things happen, as usual. We learn where - and how - Chikane prefers to sleep, see her being her teasing self, and see the two investigating whatever the villains are up to.

The villain this time is really unpleasant, so I have to add a Trigger Warning for pages 16-19 for sexual assault.

Let's hope this takes care of Kaishaku's usual problems...and let's hope you can still enjoy the chapter(especially the first 13 pages, which have some adorable content!) despite that.

A few notes. First, some of the textbubbles were horribly small. I apologize for the small text there, I just couldn't fit it otherwise. Second, on the villains. They are called Kuyou, with the kanji for nine and for weekday. We translated it as "Nine days". Let's hope Kaishaku doesn't pull something tricky. ^^
On the JPG thing some people messaged me about: I can't see any difference, and PNGs are a lot bigger as well. I scan in PSD, so no, at least no jpg->jpg conversions ;)

Finally, on page 21, there is one of the usual special attacks. We translated the kanji meaning, because it's more understandable to the average english reader: The furigana read "raizando" in katakana, which appears to be both the reading of some of the letters, as well as Katakana for "Reizend" a german word that usually means cute (in fact, the villain, while smiling nicely, could be considered reizend), but can also mean irritant. A small pun, it seems. Yay Kanji.

If you got any criticism otherwise, feel free to have at me. Comments welcome - and remember to thank Cryssoberyl as well, for a lot of help and spotting a ton of artifacts and other errors~

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