Sunday, 2 June 2013

Battle Athletes Daiundoukai: Satellite Stage, Heat 1

Time to begin the main event! Or at least, to make our way to the place where we can begin getting ready to begin preparing for the main Anyway! On to the Satellite Stage.

Welcome back to Battle Athletes, where space, far from being the silent vacuum you might imagine, is filled with whooshing noises. Lots and lots of whooshing. You'll understand soon. Enjoy!



  1. Thank you for the release.

  2. I like whoosing noises in space. Thanks, as usual, for another completed chapter

  3. Nice work.

    Did someone set you lot on fire or something?

  4. I'm so glad that you are translating this awesome series. I've been waiting for the English version of the manga for years now it seems and to see it finally being done is just amazing! Please keep up the good work!