Friday, 16 April 2010

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian Chapter 7

Here we are again, with another Chapter of Amnesian.

There is no particular need for translation notes this time - except the box on the 'title' page, which is really not about anything anyone will care about. Unless you can fly to Japan and plan to poke Kaishaku :P

As for the contents, you probably know what to expect by now. School hijinks, Chikane trying to be seductive, and random trouble, this time resembling Ranma tropes quite a bit. Kaishaku really seem to like old mangas.

Regardless, I hope you can enjoy it. I actually did, in parts, which makes a nice change. It's pretty good this time, actually. ^_^

Oh, and thanks again to Audio Erotica for providing the scans so nicely.

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  1. Thanks! *downloading*
    I just hope Chikane is not glomped by any men in this chapter...but I think that its a hard thing to happen *sigh*

  2. I'm sorry, but this series is still full of sh*t, I don't see any change this time, since Chikane is still surrounded by guys lusting for her and showing them her body...

  3. Anonymouse, it's not that I disagree with you that Kaishaku is currently being annoying (most likely on purpose).

    I myself really, really prefered the Kaon/Himiko interactions. Amnesian isn't...what I had hoped for. I will admit that. But I think the chapter is at least better than...some others *cough*

  4. yes, Amnesian lacks yuri, I´m hating that Minamiya Chikane, please yuri goddess (she really exists) make amnesian less pitiful

  5. Chikane getting licked by that guy... while she wears no pants... Thats no more trolling, thats insulting the fanbase.

    The other pages without chikane getting molested or licked buy dudes are okayish but over the top like all of amnesian. I guess its the shounen-concept thats bugging most of us, because we remember the good "seinen" 2nd half of kannazuki. Good times...

    anyway, thx for the scanlation! Great job once again :D

  6. She didn't get licked, her shoes did, and she planned to throw them away afterwards.

    I think that's really not problematic - if this were another manga where the heroine beats up a dozen men, and then forces one to clean her boots before she kicks him away, nobody would complain.

    Come on, let Chikane have some fun tormenting losers :P

    "yes, Amnesian lacks yuri,"

    It doesn't! Chikane is all over Himeko this chapter. It has more yuri than several other serial yuri mangas.
    It's just that it also has garbage nobody wants. But give it credit: Chikane's yuri love is really strong.


    Don't have yuri enough, too much S&M playing. What the hell is my perfect couple become like this?

    Give me back my lovely-day with Kannazuki no Miko

  8. lol, ok maybe as a male fan who mainly got into yuri because of Chikane and Himeko, I don't have the perspective of the rest of you guys but while what I loved about Kannazuki no Miko was its emotion, I am finding Amnesian (mostly) plenty enjoyable even as a shallow piece of fanservice and moe. Chikane doesn't even know why she likes Himeko this time, she just arrives stuck to a wall and is instinctively all over her, but damned if Chikane's face and Himeko's huffy attitude on page 6 this chapter aren't one of their cutest interactions I've ever seen. And that's enough, right? We know what these two really want, who they really care about. Even if hordes of guys are drooling over and ogling them, or hell even spying on them in the bath (:P I might be revealing a fundamental difference in values here, but can I frankly admit I found Mr. Body Hair peeping in on them hilarious? At least until he screwed it all up by interrupting them, that is.), like Chikane said: Himeko is her spirit. So long as Chikane's spirit isn't being trampled on, whether by force, like in chapter 3, or by implication, like 5, I can pretty much genuinely say I am perfectly happy. But in fact, even when her spirit is, as in those aforementioned episodes, we can see that the story can be said to be doing so in order to communicate something significant (Chikane's willingness to sacrifice herself for Himeko, or how deeply she depends on Himeko accepting her. I'd say those are decently meaningful things.).

    Amnesian not being yuri enough? :P I think that's definately not the case. If those incidents are trolling the yuri fanbase, then what do you call that psychotic trap/shota having his 'little bear' lopped off, or after he came back to life, recieving an urethral insertion via thorned flower? If any chauvinists are actually trying to get off on this, I'd say they're getting plenty trolled as well, lol.

    I do have to admit, though, Amnesian is a bit of a disappointment in another sense--although it was a bit of a regret that Kannazuki no Miko was only 12 chapters/episodes, for me that density definately added quite a bit to the suspense and the emotional impact. Amnesian seems to be moving a bit too slowly in comparison, and its plot is less immediately compelling. If Kaishaku are going to drag this out, I might appreciate it more if they spent more time on Chikane and Himeko flirting. Asking us to care about the plot when they haven't even got an interesting/involving Ohgami Souma? I dunno...

    Whatever the case though, I definately want to encourage Zefiberyl to keep scanlating this. Some ChikanexHimeko is infinitely better than no ChikanexHimeko at all. So all in all, definately: thanks, guys (or rather, gals), for your hard work. No matter all the negativity, I hope you'll keep this up.

  9. thank you for translating this manga ^_^

  10. Thank you so much for translating this article. Oh btw, do you know how long it takes to release one chapter? all, Amnesia wasn't what I expected it to be. However, I think this is just the beginning...I hope later on the plot will be more interesting. I bet if this is made into an anime, it'll be a bit better than the manga itself. I'm gonna support this and read every chapter nonetheless. ^^

  11. I can't agree more with the previous comments. Like most of you, I, too, am dissapointed with Amnesian. I'm going to read this chapter now and seriously hope I will not burst out in tears (again) to see my hopes practically slapped in my face. That is, a perfect yuri life without useless and filthy men.